Angled Leather Basket Stamping Tutorial. It’s Easy!

When I published my Straight Basket Weave Tutorial I said that I planned on making the same kind of thing for Angled Basket Weave, and this is it.  Angled basket stamping is actually what I use almost exclusively when doing leather basket stamping.  So if you look at my work this is the technique you will see almost anytime I’m basket stamping a project.

Leather Basket Stamping

If you’re not familiar with the term, angled leather basket stamping means you are stamping your impressions at an angle but the centers of the impressions run at a straight line to the borders of the project.  See the picture below for a visual of what I mean.

Leather belt with basket stamp design

On this belt the actual stamp impressions are at an angle but that angle is such that the basket weave design runs parallel to the length of the belt. There are a lot of ideas and techniques out there on how to do this.  Sometimes people work out the precise angle the stamp needs to be held at to achieve this effect, they make templates of the angle, etc.  Those techniques work but there is actually a very simple way to do this that works for every basket stamp and does NOT require any knowledge of trigonometry or using any special tools!  In this case there really is one simple trick to lining the stamps up correctly.

I’ve done this tutorial differently than the last one.  This time instead of a photo heavy blog post, I’ve created the tutorial as a PDF file that you can download.  You don’t need to sign up for anything, just click the link below to download the file.  Take a look at it and I think you’ll see it’s really easy to stamp angled basket weave.  Grab a piece of scrap leather and give it a try.  You’ll be stamping angled basket weaves like a pro in no time flat!

Download the tutorial here: Angled basket tutorial

As always if you have questions leave a comment here.