Our Products

As a maker of custom handmade leather products, we will take on most anything you dream up. However there are some products that we make regularly and that we specialize in.

These are some of the projects we have made over the years:


We make many kinds of wallets. From traditional bifolds to money clips to clutch wallets, we have many styles and designs.


We have a variety of designs of cross body and over the shoulder handbags that we make, and all of them are customizable.


Personalized with carving designs matched to your personality, these are the most popular items we make. We make these in a variety of sizes to hold standard notepads or notebooks but they can also be made in any size you need.


Wearable artwork that matches your style and custom made to your size. These are belts that make a statement and will last a lifetime!


Made to fit a special knife or have artwork unique to you.


This is something almost no other leather workers make: Leather carvings combined with wire wrapping or beadwork to make special leather jewelry.

“Affordable Quality”

All of these items can be made custom to your specifications. One of the benefits of handmade leather products is the ability to tailor the item to your needs. If you are looking for a unique handmade leather product contact us to discuss your ideas and we will do our best to make your ideas a reality.

Handmade Leather Products

All of our products are made by hand with great care and craftsmanship! The quality of our products is just as important the custom artwork or personalization we make for you. Making quality handmade leather goods isn’t just a job, it is our passion! Contact us today to have something unique made just for you!