Custom Leather work is busier than ever!

Hi all and Happy First Day of Summer!  It’s been a busy first half of the year here in the shop and its hard to believe so much of 2024 has already gone by!

Carved leather money clip wallet with Celtic knot design
Money clip with Celtic knot design

I want to thank all our fantastic customers for the business this year!  I’ve been able to make many cool custom leather work projects so far this year, recreating old wallets, making notebooks and belts.  And there are some really cool projects coming soon like a recreation of a customer’s favorite handbag that has now worn out.  A chef’s knife roll.  Some really cool wallets.  There are so many cool things that I am very thankful for the opportunity to make, plus some projects I am doing just to expand my own skills and products.  I’m particularly excited about some projects that will go beyond the traditional western style floral designs I typically make.  I’m looking to expand into different styles of artwork so I hope you will be seeing some different artwork appearing on these pages and on my social media accounts. 

If you are interested in having some custom leather work made for you, just let me know here.  I would be happy to talk to you about what you need and what you envision, and I love making your vision into a real leather item that will last you for years to come.