Outstanding Custom Leather Belts

Making Outstanding Custom Leather Belts

Leather belts can be a very personal part of your wardrobe.  They can range from a plain but elegant dress belt to something carved and personalized with your name, and anything in between. 

Here at C and B Leather, while we can make a plain dress belt for you our specialty is a more personalized and artistic approach.  Our custom leather belts are made of Full Grain leather and usually have a design stamped or carved onto the belt.  The leather we use is tanned by a specific process that allows us to make carving designs on the surface of the belt that have depth and will show off the artwork extremely well.  It’s also leather that will last for many year’s of service.

Many of the belts that you get at departments stores or big box general merchandise stores are made with lower quality leathers.  They will be marked as Genuine Leather, which is actually a very low grade of leather.  It is also usually just a thin leather outer layer and the bulk of the inside may be a fabric or even cardboard! See my recent blog post about the different kinds of leather that you will find in most retail stores.  Genuine Leather doesn’t wear well and it cracks and breaks after only a little while of use.  It is an inexpensive product but its also not something that will last.

The Full Grain leather we use has all the strength and durability that leather is known for.  Each belt is made to fit your waist.  We tailor it to your measurements.  After carving or stamping your custom design into the leather, we treat it with multiple finish steps, each applied by hand, to enhance the artwork while conditioning and protecting the leather.  This allows your belt to have many years of looking good and serving you well.


Quality Custom Leather Belts are available now!

If you are ready for a quality custom made leather belt, tailored to your waist and that fits your style, we are glad to help.  Contact us with your ideas so we can get the process started.

Hand carved leather belt with floral design and silver and turquoise buckle
Hand carved leather belt with floral design and silver and turquoise buckle